Wise Thermo (for iOS)

Wise Thermo (for iOS)
Wise Thermo (for iOS) Wise Thermo (for iOS)
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Product Description
Wise Thermo is the thermometer connecting to the smart device with clear presentation of
measurement results and voice function. 
Wise Thermo into your device, such like: smartphone
or tablet, and free download “Wise Thermo “ App in Apple app store, then you can use it
easily. Through connecting your smart device, can save multi-profiles and records in your
device to effortlessly track body emperature over time.
Wise Thermo its stylish and
lightweight design to provide you carry easily as a good helper.

THERMO illustration-ID2-ios EN◎ Perfect for new-born baby.
◎ The connector is with a 10cm elastic rope, can rewind automatically after used.
◎ Automatic data management, clear presentation of measurement results and voice function.

◎ An accurate, fast and reliable measurement of body temperature with innovative
 non-contact technology.

◎ Memory for storing multiple user profiles, up to 200 records.
◎ Free download and automatic installation of Wise Thermo app.
◎ Stylish and lightweight design comes with a keychain for portability.
◎ No battery needed.

Compatibility : iPhone and iPad

Working temperature : 32-122 (0- 50)
Measuring range : 60-104 (16- 40)
Measuring distance : closed to object as possible
Interface : Earphone hole
Dimension : 9.9 x 4.8 x 1.7cm
Cable length : 10cm
Weight : approx. 35g

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